Graphic Design Packages

Business is all about the brand, and we’ve got you covered with business cards and logos, corporate ID packages and beautiful creative ads.

Pricing does NOT include any printing. But printing can be quoted separately, including courier fees.

Corporate Identity

Whether your company has been long standing or is brand new, you will benefit from having our experienced graphic designers create you a unique corporate identity that represents your company and stands out from the rest.

Corporate identity describes the personality and image of your company and encompasses everything your customer visually sees from logos, colours, designs, to wording. This creates an image of your company in the mind of your customers that is memorable. It is how you introduce your company and helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors, strengthening your brand and presence.

Your corporate identity is reflected on a range of elements both digital and physical that represent your company in day to day running, this includes your company logo, website, business cards, letterheads, email signatures, signage, product packaging, and marketing. A professionally designed corporate identity gives your company credibility and makes sure that customers will remember your brand, increasing the chances of them using your product or services in the future.

" Design is the silent
ambassador of your brand."
- Paul Rand
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