Domain Hosting Packages

Don’t get lost in the world wide web, let us take care of your website, domains and email accounts on our secure platform.

Domain Registration

V-Serve Marketing is able to register a domain name (or transfer an existing one) and host it on our fast and reliable dedicated servers for all types of companies from small home based businesses to large corporate businesses.

A domain name is the website address that will be used by your customers to browse to your website. Having your own website domain adds a level of professionalism by creating branded email addresses (e.g. This is used in all your correspondence and marketing, making it easier for customers to remember your website address or contact email.

We will provide advice and assist you in choosing the right domain name and TLD (Top Level Domain) to suit your businesses needs. As a standard we offer and .com TLDs but if you are interested in others then please enquire with us. Domains are registered under your ownership while we handle the registration and annual renewal process so you have less hassle.

Parked Domains

Ideally the domain name of your website will match the name of your business or service you provide but in many instances there are many variations of the domain names. In some situations you might want to register these additional domains to make sure that your customers come through to your website (e.g., A parked domain is perfect for these domains as they redirect the domain directly to your correct website and are offered at a cheaper monthly premium due to not needing as much server resources as your primary domain.

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