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V-Serve Internet is a division of

So you are a camper and you enjoy the toys and technologies we provide you on
Your support by referring website hosting to us, or providing us the ability to host your business website will be appreciated, and provide the support towards our friendly and professional staff member's salaries each month.

Each website hosted with us actually provides us the much needed cash to continue in building Southern Africa's Caravan & Camping Tourism Network, inturn making your best online camping experience going forward.
As one of our countries first internet companies, V-Serve Internet has been building websites since April 1997.  We pride ourselves on a vast range of clients from architects, retail outlets, manufacturing companies and property consultants to holiday resorts, steel merchants and now even a major political party.
During late 1997, Gonnie Bromehead of V-Serve Internet published one of South Africa’s first “Internet Portals" known today as  Although it was started as a sub-domain at the address of this humble website grew into todays most successful caravan and camping portal with you the camper in mind.  Making your online camping adventure as memorable on the web as it should be while camping. 

Today has gained its position as the country’s most popular caravan and camping website providing a vast amount of camping related content and technology for you the camper, while building sustainable growth within our industry.

Today V-Serve Internet continues to provide quality internet marketing and hosting solutions to hundreds of businesses across Southern Africa.  It has kept up with the latest Mobile technologies and provides responsive websites for all types of businesses just like the one you are at.

With an exceptional team of friendly and qualified staff, V-Serve Internet invites you to host your company website with the company that brings you  This will forever provide us with the resources and ability to further our services into the caravan & camping industry for you the camper to enjoy.  Why host your website with an ISP that does nothing for the camping industry.
Just send us your website address, and we will provide you with a free assessment, or just phone our office and chat to one of us today.

"Find a job you love, and then you will never have to work again!"
The Team

Website Domain Hosting

Host your Website Domain with V-Serve

V-Serve Internet hosts and maintains more than 500 domains for all types of businesses and has been in the website industry since 1997.

Host your domain with V-Serve Internet and personally login and maintain your own website or even better, allow V-Serve's team of professional designers and developers to design and maintain your website via our vibrant inhouse design studio.

V-Serve Internet also provides professional technical support for emails attached to domains hosted with us, so you are not left in the dark to figure it out by yourself.

Domain Registration

Register your domain with V-Serve

If you do not have a domain, V-serve Internet will register a new domain name for your business and will handle the annual renewal process.

Not sure what domain name to register? V-Serve Internet will give you advice on the best available domain name to suit your business.

Do not get caught out by other companies that register your domain under their own ownership and then demand payment to release the domain when you wish to move hosting. All domains registered through V-Serve Internet for you belong to you as the registrant.  Also those FREE websites, are not always so free, then also try get any support or do updates and soon you realise why they suck.

Website Design

Let V-Serve Design your Website

V-Serve Internet has a professional team of website designers and developers able to design a unique, low cost, affordable, modern, search engine optimized and mobile responsive website using our custom CMS platform that will give your website the best chance to perform and give your business the exposure you need.

Whether you have no clue on what you want your website to look like or if you know exactly what you want, V-Serve Internet actually designs the website specifically for your needs. V-Serve Internet provides advice on what will work best for your website design so as to be user friendly and promote better search engine rankings and at the same time reflecting your business image.

Custom CMS Platform

V-Serve uses a Custom CMS Platform

V-Serve Internet uses an in-house developed custom Content Management System (CMS) that allows much more flexibility and features than the traditional HTML website. Your website is no longer just a bunch of pages but a web application that allows you to log in and edit content on the fly along with plugins to create a complete experience.

One of the biggest benefits of using an in-house custom CMS Platform is that all development needs, security fixes and updates can be done by V-Serve Internet with a complete understanding of the inner workings. Websites using the V-Serve Internet custom CMS platform are more secure than the other public CMS platforms such as Joomla, Wordpress etc. because the back-end code is not available publicly to hackers and other such people who wish to create havoc for your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

V-Serve will Optimise your Website for Search Engines

As a standard, all websites designed by V-Serve Internet have entry level SEO applied, which provides a benefit to your website rankings on search engines such as Google with general relevant keywords and key phrases. V-Serve Internet also registers your website with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools and submits your website on a regular basis to a search engine database.

For clients who feel that the entry level search engine optimization is not enough, V-Serve Internet provides further in-depth SEO based on specific keywords and key phrases that will ensure that your website will get the best Search Engine results. If you are not sure what the best keywords are, V-Serve Internet will provide advice and assistance to further improve your website's search engine rankings.